liberty_tree     The Tea Party is dead! Long Live the GOP!

OK. I took a Day off to relax, unwind and Clean my car. Ignored FB and the News.

Forget the Mantra of the last 2 weeks of “Calley the Tea Party Ally”, forget the Rhetoric of “I oppose common core, despite stumping for it statewide, and pledging to be the tie breaking vote, Forget the sudden Anti Common Core conversion. Forget the PTL Support tactic of trying to inform the Tea Party, while keeping the General Press in the dark. Calley’s win is now a supposedly True blue endorsement of the establishment Policy pograms.

The reports are that the Tea Party lost at the Convention. Pure Bobby Schostak.

It cost Snyder/Calley a rumored $2.3 MILLION dollars to Identify and PURGE Conservative delegates from the Floor. Yet Wes still managed to get 1/3rd of the vote. Despite all the ID programs, Polls, robocalls, and County convention shenanigans. Rick Snyder Photo shoot during Wes’s Nomination, trying to block Floor access to the stage for his supporters, He still pulled 35%.

TPX5Ron Weiser outspent Robert Steele almost 10 to one, ($20,000 to a rumored $200k), including the Flying in of Ted Cruz and Allen West, yet DR Rob got far more votes than Ron. Rumor is Money changed hands directly on the convention floor, and the RINORON Website did it’s job of Garnering sympathy votes from the Proles who confuse truth with Negativity.

Dan Horning lost to Wieser by fewer than 70 votes. Dr rob and Dan are and have Been Tea Party favorites, for years, both appealing to both camps. I do Hope Dan Will reconsider and Stay in the battle. (Horning for Chair?)

MSU race was hands down a TP Win, as Both Jeff Sakwa, and Melanie Foster, defeated a more establishment Leaning candidate who withdrew in the late hours, and Scott Schultz , a Good man, who I suspect and hope will be seen again in the future. Again Both Winners are Known Tea Party endorsed Candidates, who have stood with The Tea Party on a consistent basis. (The exception being the support by Melanie of Schostak in 2012).

WSU race, both Candidates ran on Anti Common Core, and Traditional Conservative Platforms.

In the State Board Race, Maria Carl and Jonathon Williams ran in Opposition to Common core, and For RTW being a Key platform issue. The other part of that story is that While Joshua Cline lost by a small margin, he still Garnered more support than the Establishment Favorite Linda Lee Tarver according to Initial reports.

The real Story going forward is, will the Party Pursue Real Unity, based on following it’s own Platform. Or will the campaigns be a one trick Pony of “Vote for us, or the Evil democrats will win.”

10629695_836257516414414_2348791332900636722_nWant Unity? Governor Rick SnyderBrian Calley, Terri Lynn Land, and the others on the ballot need to Publicly demand that expansion of the Elliot Larsen act be Killed. Brian Calley’s claim of Opposing common core needs to be more public. Dave Agema needs to be brought back into the party to give his message of Unity based on Republican Principles. There is a way to garner Support for most of The GOP Ticket.

Principles will result in Unity. More of the same will cause Division.


Results from yesterday’s MIGOP convention:

Brian Calley for Lt. Governor.

Ron Weiser and Dr. Rob Steele for the University of Michigan Board of Regents.

Maria Carl and Jonathan Williams for the State Board of Education.

Michael Busuito and Satish Jasti for the Wayne State University Board of Governors.

Melanie Foster and Jeff Sakwa for the Michigan State University Board of Trustees.

Judges Redford, Viviano and Zahra for Supreme Court.

10364011_712279502167560_311801035041294055_nYes Party over Principle prevailed at the top of the ticket. However the more interesting point is Money Prevailed over Principle more often than Naught!


Also for the second Consecutive time, the MIGOP shunned the Second Amendment.

The Michigan Republican Party bans guns. AGAIN!

Today the Michigan Republican Party removed lawfully carried firearms from their state convention held in Novi. After being assured two years ago that this wouldn’t happen again, it happened again.

Though there were no signs posted, the head of security for the MRP blamed it on a policy of the establishment. It should be noted that this same person said the same thing two years ago and it turned out that there was no policy. Eventually, a representative for the establishment’s owner stated that the owners is a “big Republican” and indeed prefers to ban guns. Neither party would provide the contract for the event.

If a “big Republican” rents space to a state Republican party, how does a gun ban fit into that equation?

If you know someone in the party leadership, contact them and ask how this happened again. It’s your principles they are compromising.

Thank you Tom Lambert for the additional expose of Hypocrisy.
Stay tuned.

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