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Ambulance Chasers and the First Amendment

On October 9, 2013, the Michigan House of Representatives passed two bills of three bills in a package some are calling Ambulance Chaser bills.  These three bills (HB 4770, 4771, and 4772) seek to prevent certain businesses from taking advantage of motor vehicle accidents by restricting their access to accident reports and regulating contact they have with accident victims and their families for 30 days following an accident. 

Entities seeking accident reports during the 30 day window…


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A New Argument Against Obamacare (As If We don't Have Enough Already!)

Abigail posted this in the Michigan Stop Obamacare group on Facebook (!/groups/280907865260654/):



Obamacare: Contract Killer


An insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and the policyholder. For a contract to be…


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More on Michigan No Fault Auto Insurance Reform

Summary of No Fault Changes


Here is a link to the Legislative Analysis of HB 4936, the bill in the Michigan House of Representatives that would make numerous changes to Michigan No Fault Auto Insurance.


The Legislative Analysis is 11 pages long, but it's still an easier read than the 42 page bill.


A few things I noted in…


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HB 4936 - Changes to Michigan's Auto Insurance Law

HB 4936


Here's a link to the legislation changing Michigan's no fault law that's was discussed at tonight's meeting.  This bill was by Representative Peter Lund of Shelby Township, and it changes the personal protection benefits under the Michigan No Fault law from unlimited benefits to an amount chosen by the…


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Ken Yonker's Town Hall Meeting

Ken Yonker, State Representative for the 72nd district, is hosting a town meeting tomorrow night (June 23).  It will be at the Kentwood Public Library from 6-8 p.m.


This would be a good opportunity for constituents to discuss Ken's views on the bridge to Canada, redistricting, high speed rail, and other hot topics of the day.

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Obama caught on audio slamming GOP

I don't think this has been posted yet so I thought I'd share:


Obama caught on audio slamming GOP


Obama slamming the GOP isn't news, but here are some of my observations:


"Put it in a separate bill,"

Why?  You didn't, at least not with that "Health Care Bill" (that included student loan provisions,…


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