Dear RCP Members,

Don't you hate it when you've experienced significant success but are still left wanting?  We had really good convention.  There were committee positions filled.  RINO's (Republican In Name Only) shook up.  Its the near miss that burns...  We also won an election that would have put a team in place that TRULY understands liberty and could shape the GOP in a very good way.

Folks, we lost by 32 votes.  That's it!  Please consider becoming a precinct delegate.  Help us recruit delegates.  We will lead you through the process.  We won enough to help shape the GOP, but we could have made HUGE strides. 

I would be remiss if I did not mention how proud I was of our group and what they did this weekend.  We have a very solid representation at these convention.  That said, i would like to double our representation.  That is a bold goal, but we can do it.  See me if you would like to help in this challenge.

If you are sick of the aimless GOP and are concerned about our country, you will want to help us in the fight.  Trust me its simple and its fun.

Below is a letter I wrote and published in Facebook.  Please share as you feel lead.  Please consider helping in this fight!  We need you.  We were almost there.  Thanks, Mark

Dear GOP Establishment and its Cohorts,

Today we had an election to determine the leadership of the MI GOP. Your candidate won by a narrow margin. Congratulations.

This weekend we repeatably heard that we need to unite. Predictably, the tone of this message increased after the results came in and you won. Looking back through history, unite means we need to catch up to you as you run to the left. Uniting does not mean adopting traditional constitutional American principles, rooted in reliance in faith, resulting in limited government and freedom.

To borrow a phrase from our dear dictator, “Let Me Be Clear!” the problem is not us uniting. The problem is the poor product the establishment Republicans turn out. While I would love to claim exclusive credit for the lambasting in 2010, it was actually a belief and hunger for liberty amongst our fellow countrymen and their engagement that created the electoral massacre.

In my opinion, the primary job of the GOP is to educate and inform the masses. This works against the GOP as they adopt platforms of tyranny and dependency. Many of us ran for and won committee positions this weekend to try and manage this situation. We will continue to do all we can to help shape the GOP into a desirable product and to promote Liberty.

The GOP Establishment has managed to destroy the brand that Liberty = The GOP. This destruction occurred when the National and State party leaders openly search for their identity. To borrow that phrase again, “Let Me Be Clear!” the answer is in our history. You want to reach out to the black community? The GOP freed the slaves and has a proud history of black inclusion. Now the GOP can save the black community (and others) by freeing them again. Save them from the bondage that coincides with dependence on the Government. You want to inspire your base? Adopt Reagan’s concept of reflecting Bold Colors not pale pastels. You have opportunities to do that in almost every aspect of our lives.

One last thing, you do not win votes by losing your principles. The votes you are after don’t appreciate the sacrifice of your principles and in my opinion; you likely look pathetic to those you mean to attract. Many of us will still try to sell your weak product so the problem is not our “unity” the problem is the weak product you offer.
So you won. You own this product. My suggestion to you is to not worry about us, worry about your average countrymen. The ones you’ve turned off by the Chinese water torture method of phone calls promoting people but not principles.

Conservatives are analytical. They won’t throw their time and money away supporting a bad product. Don’t take them for granted. Go back to what worked, “Traditional Values”. People from all walks of life will want to be a part of your product. Continue your path of adopting Obama’s health plan, increased taxes, milk toast principles and prepare to face the apathy of your fellow countrymen.

Congratulations on your 32 vote victory,

Mark Petzold

President, RCP

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