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Have you ever wanted to hear a politician answer a question with a YES or a NO?  Check out this debate, sponsored by the Young Republicans on the campus of CMU.  These candidates joined together in an educational debate that I'm sure you will intriguing. 

You can join the River City Patriots on February 23rd for our straw poll.  This poll is open to anyone, so share this video to your friends and family and join us on the 23rd and cast your vote.

The straw poll is driven by MI4CS (Michigan for Conservative Senate).  The goal is to rally Tea Party Groups in Michigan, shape the debate, and get a conservative in office rather than our current senator, Debbie SPEND-IT-NOW. 

To learn more about MI4CS click this link.

Our dear senator has one of the worst voting records in the nation.  Please share this message with those who desire liberty.  Its time to take care of some dirty business and clean the senate.  We need your help

Click Here For River City Patriots Straw Poll Event Information.

Thank You,

Mark Petzold


River City Patriots

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Comment by AMERICAN GUESSER on February 17, 2012 at 10:28pm
Comment by Pattie on February 17, 2012 at 7:53pm

Thanks for the additional info, Abby.  This is good to know.

Comment by Abigail Nobel on February 17, 2012 at 6:30pm

Thanks for getting the word out, Mark!

Here's a little more to add to the mix....

Since the time I heard Clark Durant at the Plainwell meeting last year, I've had serious concerns about apparent inconsistencies in his statements about his past experience, including times he seemed to imply he had been President of Hillsdale, and to take sole credit for starting Imprimis. My concerns arose not from personal knowledge of the college, but because I had heard the candidate several months before, and there was variation in his statements.

 Hillsdale recently followed up my questions with: "Our official statement is as follows. Imprimus was launched in 1972 by Hillsdale College under the leadership of its president at the time, George Roche, for whom Clark Durant worked as an Assistant and as a Vice President."

Could you please post this elsewhere, as you feel appropriate? As you know, I've had some reservations about the MI4CS process, but given the stakes I have every reason to see it succeed as much as possible, which it cannot do if people do not have as many facts as possible before the straw poll. And then of course, the primary in August.

Thank you!


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