Hello fellow patriots. 

I’ve been doing some reflecting this week.  Its been four years since we got the Tea Party rolling in West Michigan.  I am actually very encouraged about what is happening.  Yes, I would prefer Obama lost and we gained seats in 2012.  Yes, I would prefer that our state representatives would hold firm and not take the bribe money for adopting the Healthcare Exchange.  Yes, I would prefer that our coup was successful at the convention and we not lost by a narrow margin.  But there is much to be excited about. 

  1.  We may have not won the State Chair election but we sent a message.  I’ve heard accounts of Bobby being shook when the vote count was tallied.  The GOP establishment sees the trend.  They see us.  They hear us.  I’d go so far to say they envy our passion and they know it’s missing in their ranks.  We won’t miss next time and they know it.
  2. In the 3rd district we won two of three coveted state committee positions.  The first coveted position was won at the expense of the Lt. Governor’s wife.  I say this not as an attack on her but as a message that the Liberty movement was able to break the cycle of the ruling class.  It sent a message.
  3. We placed 12 of 15 people in the 3rd district committee.
  4. The Liberty groups are uniting.  Unfortunately, the common enemy focus has switched from Obama to the establishment GOP.  The GOP is helping us become polished at fighting and strategizing and Tea Parties from across the state are working together.
  5. We have a strategy “Operation Trojan Elephant” that we can use to make a huge difference moving forward.  Contact me if you would like detail.  616-916-6154.
  6. The Liberty and Tyranny are becoming more apparent.  This is also painful at times but our fellow countrymen need to learn.  One way or another. 

We’ve learned so much during the 4 years in the Tea Party.  Unfortunately, one of the things we’ve learned is that there are no quick answers.  We’ve also learned that divine intervention was involved in our founding and will be required as much or more in our restoration.  This perspective is necessary when short term “losses” happen.

I’ve enjoyed my time in the trenches with my fellow patriots.  It’s amazing to recall the different experience we’ve had together.  I ask that you consider doubling down.  I ask that you think about the example you are setting for future generations.  The establishment GOP / Ruling Class would love nothing more than to see us go away.  I maintain that the long time Tea Partiers are actually growing stronger.  We’ve moved the protest from the outside of the building to the inside.  They don’t like that very much!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t desire to force anyone out of office.  They can join us under the Liberty Tree, met with open arms.  That said, the convention is a prime example of the Liberty Movement doing its job.  Let’s multiply.  Let’s bring new people into the fold as part of “Operation Trojan Elephant” or through educational events and or outreach. 

Let’s be realistic about the challenges facing us. The GOP establishment while losing its footing has a major incentive to maintain power.  Our success might actually make things worse.  Perhaps they will try to get what they can while they still have power.  (ex. Healthcare Exchange).  Unfortunately, this type of activity will turn off their base.  The general public Tea Partier / Conservative will not be interested in voting for the GOP in 2014.  We need to be prepared to pick up the elephant carcass once the establishment is done running it into the ground.  We are in a long term fight.  I think many of us don’t want to admit that things have to get worse before it gets better, but that’s the way things look.

I am honored to fight for liberty during this time in our countries great history.  I am proud of the example I am setting for my descendents.  I am fulfilled when I see my fellow patriots learn and engage in this struggle.  I am glad that God woke me up so I can accept a role in His battle.  I am honored to take part in the great commission rather than live in an isolated bunker.  As painful as it is, I would rather experience the pain of battle than to be apathetic and part of the problem. 

We meet every Saturday morning to pray for repentance and restoration in our country.  Contact me or check the events tab for more information.

Onward to 2013,

Mark Petzold

President, RCP

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Comment by Isabelle Terry on March 5, 2013 at 8:13am
Great post, Mark. Proud to be in the good fight with you and all the other fine men & women who work with us. We will not tire. We will keep the faith. One of my Facebook buddies said this yesterday on her page: "A good verse for the days ahead: "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." John 16:33" Forever timely. May God Bless the Tea Party and the Liberty movement. May God Bless the United States of America.

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